Christians and Freemasons Will Kill Me

by Posture & The Grizzly

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released October 6, 2014

Jnasty - guitars, bass, drums, vocals

Recorded by Justin Algarin at Darrell, Willimantic CT
Mixed by Nick Pitman
Mastered by Ian Pritchard
Artwork by Jordan Hudkins


all rights reserved


Track Name: I Am Not A Real Doctor
I think it's really funny how you think every song is about you
And you think it's kind of funny how crazy I can be still
I think it's kind of funny how you take my words for insults
Now your flying in a death star far away
I think it's kind of funny how you said nothing can hurt you
Except for your one true lover and me

I know you loved miracles
But there's no gods no disbeliefs
All this evil caused by me
A garden on my plate
Track Name: Mandy
Mandy, don't you know I would slit my eyes
I would gut myself for you
Man, there's nothing I wouldn't do
"I love your sister" wrote in red on a white wall
Caused by dysthymia
Your life needed color

You said "I'll never leave"
Never leave

Mandy don't you know you could paint a smile
In time were shure to glow
Man, there's still so much I don't know
I feel so cool
Red eyes staring at a white wall
I knew the Molly was poison
Still bitter still joyful

Where's my mind
Track Name: Kill Me
I've been looking up at stars
Thinking how is there a God but no equal
Missed information in these books
About a lonely guy a zero

Just let me fix this you know I will
Fucking kill me just like you do
Let us rewrite this past year
Fucking use me you always do

What the fuck is a good night sleep
I've been staying up past three with no feeling
Drugs are easier sedate
I'm still gaining weight but not eating

Fucking kill me or you know I will
Fucking kill me I know you will

Kill me I'm trying to slow
Use me, fuck me over
I'm to stoned to know
We were just wrong

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