Calling All Creeps (or The Passion Pit of Mel Gibson Jesus Christ and The Adam Sandler Movielife)

by Posture & The Grizzly

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released November 12, 2013



all rights reserved


Posture & The Grizzly Windham, Connecticut

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Track Name: Sister Charles Marie
Why the fuck would I wait for you if you never waited for me
You said I pulled you down so far underground that you could barley breath or cry out
To any ex-bestfriend, true friends or lovers
Well maybe it's time get free
You said you wanted a future but in the end where the fucks my future

I stumble into a crowded room
Highlights of blood boiled into my skin
I guess I'm to blame
Got too high to understand your words
Got too drunk stumbled and just slurred
God I might seem embarrassing

Trying to figure out how to travel in time
Maybe I'd figure out wrong from right
I guess I don't see you
When you lay your head down at night will you still think of me like I still think of you
Track Name: Eggnog Drunk Off of Hillary Duff's Piss
Well it looks like your having fun
You went to the bar to get fucked up again
And I'd hate to be wasting your time
Were off and on and back off again

And I know that your alight
And I know that I'll be fine without you

I'd hate to be causing a scene
but punks dead and your all to blame for it
I'm swallowing my words, piss, vomit and shit
Then I cut my tongue and bled right out my mouth

And I know that i'm alright
And I know that I'll be fine without you

And I think to myself how piss drunk I am and how you'll die
There's nothing left here so what am I really holding onto?
And I think to myself all the fucked up ways that you could die
And I'll find a hell that will let me burn so I can let you go
Track Name: God's Drugs
When god took all your drugs it was the end of your world
That boy came through the door he left through the window

I've been thinking about myself
The fat tired lonesome piece of shit that I am
Or I tried to be